Sunday, May 10, 2009

blow away winter in australia

Five Ways to Keep Warm in Melbourne Winter

Winter is coming to Australia all too quickly and when it starts getting colder, keeping warm and finding cozy spots grows in importance. Here are five ways to keep warm in Melbourne:

1. Have a coffee. You’re in Melbourne! You will get some of the best coffee in the world here, so go for it. If coffee isn’t your thing, try a hot chai or even a hot chocolate. I have tried all three, and they are all excellent.

2. Eat some Indian food. Multicultural Melbourne is a term I use a lot – and for good reason! There are all kinds of cultures dishing out their best food. But if you’re looking for something to warm you through and through, I recommend Indian food. (Especially butter chicken. Yum.)

3. Find a free wi-fi café. When it’s cold outside, there is nothing nicer than taking a rest in a nice, cozy café that has free wi-fi. If you want an incredibly massive (but ever-changing) list for other Melbourne hot spots, check out this site:

4. Go for a brisk walk around the Royal Botanic Gardens. The best way to warm up is to get moving, and the Royal Botanic Gardens are going and growing no matter what the season.

5. Stop in at a pub. Alcohol is certainly good at warming you, but any decent pub will make you a coffee, too. Pubs often have the game on, music going and a lot of patrons to keep the temperature warm.
courtesy jm new australian