Thursday, June 26, 2008

lose weight eat breakfast

Want a Big Weight Loss? Eat Big Breakfast

he title sounds like infomercial lol! anyways, i stumble this post from CNN Big Breakfast = Big Weight Loss? it is losing weight and one helpful tip is to eat big breakfast.

"Those who eat big breakfast will able to fight cravings" i read about eating breakfast tips many times to any health sites or magazines but none of them saying big breakfast. Why it is advisable to eat breakfast? because it is the most important meal of the day. It's easy to understand or is it? For many women who are very conscious with their figures they skip meal by meal the sub-conscious is telling us to skip meal or else you go fat and it's so difficult for women. But, If you know how to control yourself and you are very disciplined person it is so easy to follow the healthy eating habit. Eating healthy breakfast is way to go and i believe about his research suggesting to eat big breakfast.

Start eliminating those bad habits, in my experience to change little by little won't hurt. I am a big fan of chips "salty chips" and with the help of my hubby i don't eat them anymore, i started to buy a more healthy foods fruits, fish, salmon (Yum!) and all other healthy foods. It's not just for me but for my kids for them to learn the healthy habit of eating.

So from now on instead of me skipping my breakfast (Which while posting this, I have not have my breakfast yet because i usually just have coffee) will start eating breakfast (BIG) and healthy.

What about you? what do you think?

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