Thursday, June 19, 2008

dont let credit cards ruin u

Saving Yourself And Family From Disaster

Credit Cards are a finical trap. They give you a false sense of finical security. The make you feel secure and give the ability to make those impulse buys. They make you feel totally in control when in reality you are not they are.

If you have more than one {1} credit card, you have too many cards! Choose the one with the lowest interest rate and cut up the rest. Always pay 'more' than your minimum payment. A $1000.00 credit card debt can easily cost you $1300.00 or more a year. Why should or would you want to give them 300 or 400 dollars of your hard earned cash every year?

Pay Cash for all of you living expenses. Rent, mortgage, automobile, fuel, food and utilities. This does two things, first you can't spend more that you have and you can't incur late fees or over limit fees. Second this forces you to ask yourself do I really need this item or is this one of those I'd like to have things.

If you are being forced to use a credit card to pay for your living expenses, your are living beyond your means! Don't buy unless you can pay cash! As food and fuel cost rise more and more people are using credit cards to pay for day to day living expenses, this is the trap..

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