Monday, July 28, 2008

did u get this S M S

Girl: do you have any sensational love card?
Shopkeeper: yes miss, how about this card, it says" to the only boy I ever loved"
Girl: Great, give me 10 cards.

In this cruel world it is very difficult to find a person with a beautiful heart, pure feelings, attractive personality and stylish look, so don't ........ LOSE ME :)

If 10 people care for you, 1 of them is me. If 1 person cares for you, that would be me again. If no one cares for you that means I am not in this world, anymore!!

If you are feeling dizzy, a lot sick, a bit quiet, a little bid sad, I know whats wrong... You are suffering from a lack of vitamin ME

God knows the value of Heart, so he make Love
God knows the value of Night, so he made Dreams
God knows the value of Friend, so he made You and gifted to Me.

There are 100 angels in this world
40 are sleeping, 30 are working 20 are playing, 9 are blessing and 1?
1 is reading this SMS

Hearts could love only for a while
feet could walk only for a while
clothes wouldn't forever be in style but
having you as my friend is forever worthwhile.

In world 6 things are God's gift;
Brother's care, Sister's fight, Father's advice, Mother's love, Baby's smile and MY Friendship.

There was a blind girl, she hated every one except her boyfriend...
She said,"I'll marry you when I could see. Eventually someone donated eyes,
When she could see, She was shocked to see that her boyfriend was also blind...
The boy asked," Will you marry me now?"
She refused... The boy went away saying,
"Just take care of my eyes."

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