Tuesday, September 16, 2008

holy cow

Holy cow! Chilli, a black and white Friesian, is weighs about 1.25 tonnes and measures more than 6ft 3in!

Although he is already heavier than a Mini Cooper car, which weighs 2,458lb, Chilli is going to get even bigger because he is still just a teenager.

However, his owners say they will never send him to the butcher.

Chilli was just six days old when he was dumped with his sister Jubilee at the Ferne Animal Sanctuary in Chard, England, in 1999.

Sanctuary manager Naomi Clarke said: "He didn’t look that big at the time. Some of his companions are fatter. He’s all in proportion. We don’t know what’s made him so tall. He doesn’t eat that much and Jubilee is only 6ft."

She also said Chilli is "very friendly and gentle," despite is intimidating stature.

The sanctuary has made an application to the Guinness World Records and is waiting to see if Chilli sets a record.

The previous record bull in Britain was The Colonel, who stood 6ft 5ins and weighed 3,500lb.

The world record holder is a 6ft 8ins Italian beast.

Image courtesy of Metro.co.uk


hitsu said...

I think I saw this somewhere.........

Sharon S. said...

This creature is simply amazing. Could you imagine the size of the steak or rump roast that would come out of this beast. I don't think I'd want to eat him though. Even as big as he is he has a kind face. :P

Ori said...

He's a so cute giant!! :))
I'm glad to hear his owner will never let him get butchered.
I'm not a vegetarian, but sometimes I feel uneasy when I eat beefburger and get the vision of cow's eyes. I once made myself to avoid eating red meats for almost a year because of that.
They have benign eyes.

vinna said...

I think you must put the source of your articel here.

I know you did "copy-paste" technique from somebody's blog because every single words are the same!

Even your previous post were also copycat from Time's article and you didn't give any credits to respect the article's owner.

You are stumbling to copyright problem if you keep doing this.