Sunday, November 9, 2008

why is oil price dropping

anyone knows why is oil price dropping daily
it is down to 61usd per barrel
though gold price is dipping daily stock markets faltering everywhere
dollar price has recently moved upwards

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Stephen Eli Harris said...

My take on the situation is based in alternate mindframe, just so you know.

I believe that through the corruption of the Green Movement and the creation of fear through the propagation of the global warming crises, oil prices were allowed to be raised unnecessarily. With peak oil as it's main focus, 'they' purposely kept raising the oil prices. And they did so just for this moment: To force an economic crash as the prices drop, drop, drop.

I believe this is a new 9/11 happening as we speak, without the planes. This is a new era of the times when the federal reserve was created. This is a an evolution of a plan that was hatched long ago...

In essence, to answer your question, the price of oil is dropping as a chess move used to finalize the North American Union.