Friday, December 26, 2008


According to a new study, chocolate, tea and wine can improve people's memory. Researchers have discovered that wine is most effective in boosting the memory.

Researchers in Norway and the Oxford University conducted the study on 2,031 older people aged between 70 and 74. They studied the relation between cognitive performance and the consumption of three common foodstuffs (chocolate, wine and tea). Research showed that those who consume all three in modest amounts everyday were found to perform best when asked to carry out a series of brain tests than those who did not.

The researchers reported the findings in the Journal of Nutrition.

David Smith, a Professor at the Oxford University said brain power was only boosted by the three foodstuffs when consumed in small amounts. He said: "What we have shown is that foods, rich in flavonoids can improve the function of the brain. Depending on how much they had consumed, they got better results, although it did plateau with four squares of dark chocolate a day - about 10g. The plateau was about half a glass a day for wine and with tea it went up to about four or five cups."


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