Friday, June 12, 2009

happy independenceday to all filipinos

Happy Independence Day to all Filipinos out there, wherever you are!

Today is the 111th Independence Day of the Philippines.

Are you still proud to tell the world that you are a Filipino?


Leet said...

Thank you dropping by and leave a note. How to celebrate independence day in your country?

gpartha said...

we celebratee in india by hoisting our natl flag and salute by some local leaders
distribute sweets and holiday for all schools and colleges
aswell as offices
spl programs on tv which we watch at home with all family members
gpartha easyracing

Kirhat said...

Better late than never, but thanks for the greeting!

I guess every Filipino, wherever they are, are still proud to be called one. The only problem is that when the country's leaders are mentioned in the conversation, the pride easily evaporates.

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