Saturday, July 3, 2010


Buzz up!
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi inaugurated the inside terminal 3 of Delhi International airport.

The IGI airport became the world's fifth largest airport after its inauguration.

The new terminal building can provide to 34 million passengers annually and has 95 immigration counters.

It also promises to delineate a new air travel in India and boasts of in-line baggage handling system with capacity to handle 12,800 bags per hour.

It has 92 moving walkways and 78 aerobridges connecting the boarding area directly to the aircraft. The new world-class hub is designed to support the gigantic Airbus A380, one of the world's largest commercial planes.

India will for the first time host the Commonwealth Games, a sporting event that will bring athletes from 71 former British colonies to the capital. Now Delhi is preparing itself for this great event and the new terminal 3 in IGI is only one step forward to it.

According to one aviation experts, though many of India's more than 124 airports are in need of upgrades, but that New Delhi's new terminal could become the model.

"Terminal 3 in New Delhi is a visible symbol of the new India and our new economy. It's also a game-changing moment for India's business world. It's a momentous occasion for building confidence in our country," told Kapil Kaul, the head of the Asian Pacific Aviation to Hindustan times.
news courtesy one india

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